Harley Davidson – Toys for the big boys

18 Replies to “Mean Machine”

  1. wow. wow… lovely pic amit. I really really liked a lot. The colors are awesome. The composition is nice. Could you please adjust the horizon.

  2. Hi Amit,
    Lovely Picture and composition you had framed. I liked it lot. Hope to learn many things from you.
    Thanks for sharing over web.

  3. Wow Amit, does the tree actually hang that way?
    Impressive Post processing(PPing).
    Need to have a look at your archives 🙂

  4. Wow! wow! Wow! What a shot! I know, this looks like PS work, but I am sure this is pure nature! Sometimes, sunsets do take your breath away, don't they! Love how the two people give this scene a scale!

  5. lovely shot. great composition & colors. guess quite some nice post-processing would have gone into this 🙂

    BTW I aam an amateur & have just started my own photoblog. Your pix are amazing. But must complain that the birds since the last few months have brought some monotoneity to your blog. But then its your interest afterall 🙂

    Would love it if you can teach me how to add the copyright text to an image, I have been wanting to do that on my images. I am esp. interested in the circular text.

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