This is the Jurong Falls and is the tallest continuously running artificial waterfall in the world, at 30 metres (100 feet) tall. The falls are located within the open-access Waterfall Aviary at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

Water plunges over the top of a towering cliff at a rate of 140 litres (31 imp gal) per second. The water is recirculated through a meandering stream, that cascades down over a series of levels, creating an ideal environment for water birds, fishes, plants and other lifeforms at the aviary.

Designed with a rainforest landscape, the Waterfall Aviary is a 20,000 square metre walk-in aviary, the largest in the world, that houses some 1,500 free-flying birds from 80 African species and 10,000 plants with 125 species of trees, bamboo, palms and ground-cover vegetation. Two observation posts at the top of the waterfall offer visitors panoramic views of the aviary.

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